History of Akrogiali Taverna

One autumn day in November 1987, fate smiled down on me and I found myself in a place, a dream for many, the historic Taverna "Akrogiali" opposite the islands of "Koronis" and "Romvi".

Built in 1955 one would think it possible to touch the land with one had and at the same time the sea with the other.

How many have passed by this place, famous, anonymous, young, old, all have memories. The story, known to those who know us, started with myself Christos Moutzouris and my parents Dimitri and Anastasia (Tasia) and later in 1992, on her arrival in the village, my current wife Katerina.

With their help and the co-operation of my colleagues I embarked on this beautiful journey of years as a result of love and enthusiasm..

Our Chef

Christos Moutzouris

Contact Us

Akrogiali Taverna Tolo
Aktis 10, Tolo 21056, Greece
Telephone: +30 27520 59789
e-mail: info@akrogiali-tolo.gr